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Breathwork Discovery Call

Not sure about what breathwork is? No problem! Book a 20-minute discovery call, and we can talk about breathwork, what you’re interested in and explore the best fit for you.

Private 1:1 Breathwork Session

Are you ready to harmonize more with life and step into your most authentic self? Is it time to quiet the mind, let go of stagnant energy in your body, dismantle old beliefs and stories, build confidence, and experience your own beautiful expansion? Select from packages of 1, 3, or 6 sessions.

Breathwork Workshops and Events

Bring the power of breathwork to an event, a business or retreat. We offer live or virtual breathwork facilitation for groups of all sizes.

Equine Experience Discovery Call

Not sure about what an Equine Experiential Learning Session is? No problem, book a 20-minute discovery call and we can talk about the magic of horses, what you are interested in and explore if this is a good fit for you.

Equine Experience 1:1 Session

Are you ready to harmonize with yourself and horses? Curious about the transformative power of experiential learning? Let’s connect, as soon as possible to start coordinating details such as seasonal weather conditions and access to preferred stables. Contact us today!

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Equine Experience Workshops and Events

Being with horses in nature is a powerful way to learn how to be in a relationship—with yourself, others and all living things. In a small group setting, learn about heart coherence, emotional regulation and resilience to foster personal awakening, community and have fun! Let’s talk!

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