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How You Breathe Is How You Live Your Life

Are you ready to harmonize more with life and step into your most authentic self? Is it time to quiet the mind, release stagnant energy from your body, dismantle old beliefs, build confidence and experience your own beautiful expansion? Flow farther on your journey with Haberman Harmonics as your guide and companion. Different from sitting meditation, the breathwork discipline we practice and teach is an active form of meditation that utilizes conscious breath patterns so you can drop into your body’s intelligence. It is a completely safe and natural form of healing that has existed for centuries.

Breathwork Sessions

Personal Transformation is Just a Conscious Breath Away

Your breath truly is your superpower! It’s your gateway to your overall health and well-being. Your body is designed to flourish in harmony and balance, and it knows how to get there. Working 1:1 (in person or on Zoom), with small groups or in large group facilitation, we offer informative, safe, powerful breathwork experiences.

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Benefits of Breathwork

  • Increases lung capacity and energy levels
  • Removes toxins, reduces inflammation
  • Stimulates circulation, boosts immune function
  • Unblocks tension in muscles, reduces stress
  • Helps manage panic attacks
  • Increases focus, awakens joy
  • Builds resilience, relieves negative thoughts
  • Integrates grief and loss
  • Strengthens spiritual connections
  • Enhances intuition, expands awareness
  • Cultivates creative expression

Breathwork is for you if you…

  • Want to connect to yourself, others and nature
  • Are feeling stuck somewhere in your life
  • Struggle with feelings or emotions
  • Are ready to let go of limiting beliefs
  • Want to relate better to your body
  • Have stress and anxiety disrupting your life
  • Are experiencing a life transition
  • Would love to sleep better
  • Want to explore connection to spirit

Community Voices

Sarah created such a safe space in the short time that I got to know her. It allowed me to get so much out of the session. Normally, I am a bit shy and uncomfortable with new people, but her warm and genuine personality and her clear explanations made me feel very relaxed and comfortable so I was able to get so much from the work. Sarah really seems to be doing the work she is here to do.

- Monica K.

Sarah asked us, “Do you know that you are as beautiful as that tree? Do you?”. I have thought about that so many times, and I know she really meant it. I really, truly and deeply felt it—and believed it. It felt like the universe wanted me to know I was perceived this way, and it felt like an important part of the breath work experience and what was revealed. Like, I am supposed to be here. It’s truly OK for me to be here and blossom and have space for my body on the planet. She’s an incredible person and a gifted facilitator.

- Lisa H.

It was a wonderful experience, and I am looking forward to doing it again. Sarah did an amazing job making me feel comfortable and explaining everything at the start of the session. I felt at ease during the breathing work following Sarah’s directions. I liked her positive reinforcements during the session which helped me be less anxious about “doing it wrong.” Overall, it is clear to me that Sarah has a gift for this and is on the path to bringing joy and healing to many people.

- James S.

We had the pleasure of having Sarah lead a breathwork session for our leadership team retreat. Our team felt cared for and calm as Sarah explained the breathwork background, process and positive effects. She walked us through the process slowly, staying attuned to how each person was doing. The feedback following the session was unanimous, all participants felt the tools and examples Sarah shared could be used daily or at the very least, when stressors overwhelm. We would gladly invite her back for our full team next year!

- Priscilla W.


Holistic Healing

Body, Mind, Spirit

By changing the rhythms, rates and depths of our breathing, we can also start to change how we live our lives. Your body tells you when you are living in a restricted or expansive state, and in our fast-paced, always-on world, it’s easy to be burdened by information overload. We’ve just forgotten about an ancient practice for managing our nervous system—until now.

Through conscious breathing, Haberman Harmonics brings intention and attention to the breath. Specific breathing patterns along with curated music are used during the breathwork journey to guide and allow for cleansing and harmonic shifts in the body. Breath by breath, get in tune with your divine vibration — the truth of who you are — and release anxiety, stress, blocked emotional energy and past conditioning.

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