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Experience Presence and Heart Coherence

Equine Experiential Learning (EEL) is an exciting field incorporating horses and nature into human development, growth and learning. Haberman Harmonics works with individuals and small groups, exposing them to the wisdom and interconnected energies of horses for self-discovery, personal growth and healing. All equine experiences are conducted on the ground – there is no riding involved.

Equine Experience Workshops

Immerse yourself in the magic of sharing space with horses

Being with horses in nature is a profound way to learn not only about yourself but also about harmony, energy, presence and resilience. Learning the language of horses—and regulating your nervous system by practicing heart coherence—can amplify your awareness and heart’s intelligence. Working 1:1 or with small groups, we offer informative, safe, transformational equine experiences.

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Benefits of Equine Experiences

  • Real-time feedback on energetic state
  • Emotional regulation
  • Stress reduction and grounding
  • The power of intention
  • Clear, direct communication
  • Leadership and confidence
  • Connection to the present
  • Boundary setting
  • Trust building

Equine Experiences are for you if you…

  • Want to get in tune with yourself
  • Practice mindfulness in the outdoors
  • Looking to improve communications skills
  • Want to practice life-long stress-reduction
  • Build resilience, managing your emotions
  • Love horses! Want to reconnect in unique way
  • Afraid of horse? Move beyond fear
  • Increase self-confidence, feel better about yourself
  • Improve relationship skills

Community Voices

Reflecting on our beautiful day in the pasture, I’m struck by the comradery shared by like-minded women. Coming together with a shared love of horses can be a communal, connecting experience. I had no expectations for the day and wanted to show up open and ready for whatever came my way. I have to say, just sitting in the pasture with wandering horses (and donkeys) listening to new ideas was a winning combo! Your content was informative and enlightening, something I can definitely work on.

- Ann S.

I really liked the small group format and the balance between structure and unfolding. I appreciated the meditation in the beginning to get us all on the same energetic wave, and I liked the openness of the pasture where it could just unfold. I think anyone who enjoys exploring the intersections between their selves—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—would find the experience interesting and helpful.

- Maggie P.

Whether you’re a horse fan, an intuitive, someone curious about holistic health and well-being, etc., I would encourage you to work with Sarah – She provides a mix of topics and activities that engage, inform, and inspire. During the workshop, I enjoyed how willing people were to not only debrief their own experiences with the horses, but what they learned from watching others engage in those experiences. The energy in the group was open, supportive, non-judgmental, and caring.

- Megan B.

My healing session with Sarah and the horses was truly one of the most profound experiences of my lifetime. Words are too insignificant to describe what I encountered during my healing time. Now, six years later my body, thoughts and spirit continue to benefit from this rich and skillful event.

- Shelli Nelson • RN, BS • Integrative Psychotherapist


Mirroring Our Energy

Masterful Teachers, Evolutionary Partners, Mirrors of the Heart

Horses have served humankind for centuries and have been critical to our evolution. Because of our shared history, horses stand in a unique position to teach us to attune to the evolving awareness of what it means to live harmoniously.

As herd-bound prey animals, horses are highly attuned to their surroundings. Their survival and ability to thrive, in every way, depends on the ability to sense subtle shifts in the energetic patterns of their herd mates and the natural environment.

This deep sensory awareness is also what allows horses to mirror energetic shifts in the environment in specific and direct ways. Horses can be trustworthy reflections of what may be at work underneath the story we might be telling ourselves, or qualities about ourselves that may be hidden.

Horses can guide us into becoming our best, most authentic selves. They invite us to feel into our bodies and listen to our hearts. They help us remember who we are.

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