Harmonics Prelude

February 10, 2024

I was born horse crazy. I love ritual. I need to dance. I have benefited from alternative medicine throughout my life. As a sensitive person, I feel the world’s pain and have had to find ways to cope. 


Looking for answers on how to show up and live a meaningful life, mythology and Indigenous Wisdom became passions of mine, influencing my life in many ways. Specifically, professor and author Joseph Campbell (The Power of Myth – hello modern storytellers) and cultural anthropologist Angeles Arrien (The Four-Fold Way).


Living in this time of great transition, many of us are sick – physically, mentally, emotionally and/or spiritually. We are disregulated, disembodied and disheartened. It feels like Artificial Intelligence is moving us away from heart intelligence. I believe in my bones that the integration of ancient wisdom in our modern day is essential to our survival.


According to Angeles Arrien, “In many shamanic societies, if you came to a shaman or medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, they would ask one of four questions:

When did you stop dancing?

When did you stop singing?

When did you stop being enchanted by stories, especially your own life story?

When did you stop being nourished by the sweet territory of silence?

Where we have stopped dancing, singing, being enchanted by stories, or finding comfort in silence is where we have experienced the loss of soul. Dancing, singing, storytelling, and silence are the four universal healing salves.”  Angeles Arrien in the forward to Gabrielle Roth, Maps to Ecstasy: The Healing Power of Movement. 


I invite you to experience her wisdom here: 


Experiencing the wisdom of the horse has also been transformational for me. I have learned to be more confident, trusting and peaceful. My horse led me to breathwork which increased my connection to my body, intuition and overall health. I continue to be fascinated by sound as a vibrational healing tool and I’m learning more about its healing effects. 

Ultimately, I’m living in more harmony and want to help others experience this too. Breath and sound are ancient healing modalities and horses have been part of our evolution for centuries. These are my Harmonics – tools for connection, balance and healing.

Harmonically Yours,