The Vibration of Magic

January 25, 2024

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”

~ Nikola Tesla

Welcome, friends, to my blog, a space where I aim to share reflections, valuable wellness info, and interesting resources to assist you on your path toward cultivating harmony and wholeness.

Consciously or not, I have spent a significant part of my life as a harmony hunter, exploring the where, how, and why of feeling in a state of harmony—an alignment, coherence, or unity among diverse elements. I am captivated by the concepts of harmony, harmonics, and consciousness, among other topics that bridge the gap between science and ancient spiritual truths. As human beings, I firmly believe that we are wired for harmony, inherently whole, and capable of experiencing this inherent completeness in our bodies through our breath and our connection to sound and nature.

Picture yourself at an outdoor concert in a breathtaking setting, surrounded by loads of fun people, immersed in the music’s various chords and sounds. Have you ever found yourself grooving to the music, losing track of time, and getting lost in the overall experience? Whether you are an artist, musician, or athlete, perhaps you’ve experienced that incredible flow state—of balance, connectedness and timelessness. I like to think of it as the vibration of magic.

To better comprehend how we can access this space of flow and harmony, let’s delve into a universal law that echoes the sentiments of Einstein and Tesla—”that everything in life is vibration.” This simple statement points to a profound truth that everything in the Universe is vibrating at its own unique frequency, but all these frequencies are intertwined. As Jonathan Goldman, a sound healing pioneer and author of Healing Sounds: The Power of Harmonics suggests, each of us possesses a unique frequency composed of our bones, tissues, organs, thoughts, and emotions. “Together they make up a composite frequency, a harmonic that is your own personal vibratory rate.” We are all connected through the vibrations of energy and matter. When we start to grok this, we can begin to realize that our thoughts and actions affect not just ourselves, but everyone and everything around us.

The Law of Resonance comes into play, a phenomenon that occurs when an object vibrates at the same frequency as another object. This causes the second object to also start vibrating, even if it wasn’t originally set in motion. This is what happens when a tuning fork is struck and causes a nearby tuning fork of the same pitch to start vibrating without being touched. This is where the saying “like attracts like” comes from.

Returning to the outdoor concert scenario, imagine a band of ten musicians creating a composite frequency. The audience then synchronizes with this frequency, resonating within the field of music and harmonics. This collective harmony creates a tribal, magical experience—an atmosphere I enjoy very much!

In my recent journey, I’ve discovered that we can intentionally cultivate the vibration of magic through practices such as breathwork, sound exploration, communing with nature, and specifically, engaging with horses in natural settings.

Welcome to Haberman Harmonics. I look forward to crossing paths with you on this enchanting journey.